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AEP Generating Resources

American Electric Power

Amos Unit 3 Lower Slope

Amos Unit 3 Steam Line

Amos Unit 2 Steam Line

Amos Fly Ash Pond Closure

Big Sandy Gas Conversion

Big Sandy Plant Outage

Big Sandy Plant Asbestos Removal

Clifty Creek JBR Outage

Clifty Creek Boiler Floor Outage

Conesville Unit 6 Gore Outage

Conesville Unit 5 Gore Outage

Conesville Industrial Hygiene Monitoring 2015- Present

Conesville GBIR Outages 2015- Present


Gavin GBIR, Superheats and Air Heater Basket and Seal Change Out

Kanawha River 48" Jack and Bore Outlet

Kanawha River Fly Ash Pond Closure

Mitchell GBIR Outage

Mountaineer GBIR Outage

Rockport U2 Lower Slope

Rockport U2 Precip Cold Roof Change Out

Rockport U2 SCR Electrical

Rockport U2 SCR Industrial Hygiene Air Monitoring

Rockport U1 Vent Stack Re-Location Industrial Hygiene Monitoring

Nagel Substation Clearing and Blasting

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NiSource Arc Flash Training

East Bend Bottom Ash Pond Closure

Cayuga Power Plant Otage

Merom Power Plant Outage

Michigan City FGD Electrical

Cargill Plant Outage

Gemma Power Station

JH Campbell Plant Outage

Kincaid Plant Outage

Miami Fort Plant Outage

Zimmer Plant Outage

Virginia City Plant Outage

Toyota Plant Transmission Project

Toyota Plant Motors Outage

Toyota Plant Electrical

Markwest Utopia Cadiz Ethane

Downingtown Compressor Station

Loudoun Compressor Station

Westlake Chemical Plant Turnaround

Aleris Aluminium Plant Furnace Outage

Piketon, OH Uranium Plant Paving

Piketon, OH Uranium Plant X333 Utilities Project

Haverhill Coke Company Outage

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